We Are More Than Our DNA

Your Genetics are not a life sentence, they are merely a possibility. Who has sent a saliva sample to 23andme, Ancestry or another lab to have your DNA analyzed?  They can tell you some interesting information about your ancestral origins.  But they can also tell you some things that may be frightening. What I am […]

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It Just May Be the Tomatoes!

They are delicious, right?  So sweet and juicy.  But guess what. If you are having joint pain or gut issues that won’t improve no matter how fancy or expensive your probiotic or herb, you may be experiencing a type of poisoning that comes from eating nightshades.  What are nightshades?   They are tomatoes, white potatoes (sweet […]

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At What Cost?

  How many of us experience fatigue during the day?  if you are tired and need energy you can just take cocaine, right?     Of course not.  Everyone knows that cocaine is a terrible drug that does great harm.  At GREAT cost to the body/mind/spirit. In my lineage (Shaka Vansya Ayurveda or SVA), we believe that […]

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Cleansing the Nadis

Whether we feel it or not, we are almost constantly being negatively affected by EMF’s.  They are invisible and almost impossible to avoid. We are bombarded by EMF’s from our own cell phones, other people’s cell phones, computers, smart meters, and on and on. Therefore, in addition to using effective EMF protection devices, I also […]

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Side view portrait of a woman breathing fresh air outdoors in summer with trees and sky in the background

What is SVA?

Since my undergrad years, I have been interested in nutritional healing. The only undergrad degree that the University of Texas offered resembling nutrition was in Dietetics, which turned out to include courses like identifying cuts of meat on a cow.  Not exactly what I had in mind.  So I became a Biochemistry/Chemistry Major, studied and […]

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Young woman enjoying a fresh air on the mountain during summer morning.