The Dangers of EMF’s


We Are Electrical Beings

We Are Electrical Beings

I acknowledge that I post a lot about the dangers of EMF’s.

It’s just such a real yet hidden danger.  We can’t see, taste, smell or hear them so we think they aren’t there.  And on top of that the devastating facts about their harm are being kept from us.

One of the reasons I am so passionate about this issue and how it impacts our health is that Henry and I were injured by EMF’s in 2017

We had felt so blessed to find a condo next door to my Mom.  But after living there for a few months I started to experience weird episodes of what seemed like lightning flashes through my field of vision.  And Henry experienced episodes of severe heart arrythmia.

My dear friend Lisa Upledger suggested we hire an EMR specialist.  He arrived with multiple meters and devices and spent several hours measuring all kinds of things. (There are many types of EMFs emanating from our environment.)

And then he found the mother lode.  He discovered that our condo was right above a room that housed 24 smart meters for the whole building.   Needless to say we vacated very quickly.

We have since studied up on these nasty invisible waves and particles.

I took a course on EMFs for doctors and continue to study and incorporate my Ayurvedic knowledge into helping people who have been injured by EMFs and help others prevent injury.

Henry took a huge leap and began a second career, heading to the Building Biology Institute in Santa Fe.  He is now an EMRS (Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist) and owns a bunch of those fancy devices.  He helps people and businesses make their home and work environments more healthy and livable.

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