Be heard.  Begin healing.  Become your most vibrant self.

Millions of people are missing out on their most fulfilled life because they settle for feeling fine instead of embarking on a personalized path to optimal health.

When they seek help for chronic symptoms or unique sensitivities, singular issues are treated without taking into account their complete health picture. Often, one issue is minimized or masked while a new issue is created. It can leave people feeling discouraged and defeated. But you don’t have to live that way.

Our unique approach at SOMA Radiant Wellness nourishes the whole body by blending natural methodologies with modern lab testing to provide care that is holistic, results-driven, and analytically verifiable.

Finally experience relief

Has the current healthcare system failed to provide you relief? Do you treat one issue, only to have unexplained side effects or new sensitivities arise? We’ll look at your health as a whole to encourage your body’s natural healing ability to correct the imbalances and blockages causing your underlying symptoms.

Radiant overall health

Are you highly sensitive to vitamins, supplements, medications, or even the environment and energy around you? We’ll discover the root and contributing factors of your health issues and care for you naturally. You can experience better sleep, more energy, and greater happiness – your healthiest state.

Feel inspired and energized

As you begin to experience true vitality, you’ll worry less about your health and finally feel confident that your body is being nourished and fully restored. Enjoy a more empowered, resourceful connection to nature’s rhythms – in body, mind and spirit.


You deserve the confidence that comes from finding a long-term solution for optimal health – one that goes beyond the limitations of the current healthcare system and seeks to nourish your body as a whole.

In addition to a formal education in the sciences, Dr. Lisa was fortunate to have spent many years studying with the renowned Ayurvedic physician and scholar, Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra, and is one of only seven physicians certified worldwide in the teachings of Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA). Learn more about SVA here.

Dr. Lisa has practiced this ancient and trusted healing approach to modern health problems since 2008, and focuses on guiding patients that are highly sensitive to traditional remedies and their environments.

Being quite sensitive herself, Vaidya Mishra once told her, "You will be the one to take care of the sensitive people."  She resonates with and understands those with sensitivities that go beyond the norm, and welcomes you into her practice.

Meet Dr. Lisa Raskin

  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Licensed in CO, TX, FL & IA
  • Certified Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda Practitioner - One of only seven physicians certified worldwide

When you work with Dr. Raskin, you’ll have the benefits of:

Ancient, time-tested therapies

At SOMA Radiant Wellness, we practice and specialize in Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA). Predating Chinese medicine and over 5,000 years old, SVA’s philosophies and effective remedies have been kept pure for centuries, modified only to remain relevant with evolving environmental factors.

Collaborative Care

Dr. Lisa is known for her caring and attentive demeanor. She will listen and work with you to discover all potential opportunities to help you achieve your healthiest state, however long it takes. You’ll feel guided, supported, and empowered.

Real, lasting results

When an issue is corrected at its source, the body heals holistically. Dr. Lisa will take into account your unique sensitivities and health history to create a plan that nourishes your whole body, ensuring that no harm or side effects are caused at any level. You can experience powerful, long-lasting results with zero side effects.


Are you ready to harness the wisdom of generations to finally experience true radiant health and vitality?

Schedule your free consultation.

In one 15-minute phone call, Dr. Lisa will listen to your wellness goals, and help you determine the best approach for you.



We’ll start by having you fill out some online forms regarding your health history, and possibly running appropriate lab tests for a clear and complete picture.



Meet with Dr. Lisa to thoroughly review your lab results, health history, and concerns, so she can recommend a strategic, personalized plan for guiding you towards radiant overall health.


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"I became aware of my EMF hypersensitivity after returning to the US and taking up my previous position in law enforcement. This required that I carry two cell phones on me and be near high-tech equipment for sometimes 24 hours a day.

I started feeling the effects: buzzing in my head, ringing in my ears, nausea, feeling hyper, sleep disruptions, and more. My body began to put on weight with high inflammation.

I started with Dr. Raskin in November of 2023; now it is June 2024. I’ve noticed a big difference in how I feel mentally, spiritually, and physically. We have made great leaps and bounds. I have been able to have better sleep, my digestion has improved, and my liver is working better which helps get rid of the toxins. Dr. Raskin listens to you. She adapts her protocol based on the information you give and all of the knowledge that she has about Ayurveda.

I think that the package that she offers is beneficial. I have to do things with Nature, plants, those things that we were given to nourish our bodies and support our bodies and then at times heal our bodies. So those are the tools that Dr. Raskin uses and it works for me."


"I have known Dr Lisa for over 30 years and know her to be one of the kindest, most compassionate and thorough healing professionals I have ever worked with. As a multiple cancer survivor, I finally decided to go through chemo and radiation to treat vulvar cancer.

Once I stopped chemo and radiation, I knew I needed natural medicine to detox from the poisons and rebuild my system. My intuition led me back to Dr. Lisa, and I have been very happy with the results we have achieved.

My CA125 cancer marker has dropped dramatically since I have been working with Dr. Lisa. She is systematic and intuitive in her approach. I am confident that I will continue to heal and feel energized.
 Even my oncologist and PCP are impressed.

If you want to work with someone who really listens and gets results, I highly recommend Dr. Lisa."

- Kathy Moore -

"Wow! The energy healing was so powerful yet so soft. It felt like it separated my energy field from all the connections I had to everything and everyone that was not purified. All that was unknowingly draining my energy and pulling me down. It is very sacred like I walked into a temple of my own best self but didn't really go /walk anywhere. Thanks so much!!!!!!!

As a result of the healing from you, I slept way better, quieter meditation and ……

...... Thank you again for that incredible gift!"


"Before I began working with Dr. Lisa, I tried traditional HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and it made me very ill. My doctor recommended trying a different treatment, but I refused.

A family member suggested I make an appointment for a session with Dr. Raskin. Within two weeks, my hot flashes had dissipated, my body wasn’t as bloated as I had been, and my sleep cycle had improved.

I have recommended Dr. Raskin to any of my friends who aren’t responding well to traditional medicine. With her help, I finally feel like myself again."

- Becky C San Antonio

"When I first went to see Dr. Lisa, my liver enzymes were elevated, I was having severe hair loss and I had atopic dermatitis on both my feet for 3 years ongoing. Both my feet were dry and cracked and the skin was peeling. I had this condition not long after I gave birth to my second daughter. it never went away, some days were better, other days worse. I was gassy, bloated, and burping every day to the point that it was normal to me.
After around a month on Dr. Lisa’s protocol, both my feet healed completely. I was amazed! I am super happy that I don’t have to hide my feet anymore. it took me another couple of months after that for my liver enzymes to go down to normal levels. I was ecstatic. I know it works because I didn’t take any other medications. I have also come to learn so much more about myself through her many healing modalities (her frequency work, and genetic test). I learned about my allergies, the tendencies my genes have, the importance of my gut health, and how to improve my health and well-being overall. Still getting there! So far, so happy with the results and I also get my kids to see her!

Do yourself a favor and go and see her!
Don’t let some of the ayurvedic suggestions put you off. It took me a while to incorporate some of it into my daily life, and even just doing some of it has a tremendous effect.
And Dr. Lisa is so patient with us, very caring and accommodating. highly recommended!"

- Liany O

"My hairdresser hadn't seen me in 6 weeks. She said lots of the grey in my hair turned back to brown during that time!

I have more energy and my digestion is greatly improved!"

- LF

"Before working with Dr. Lisa I had problems with numbness around the back of my neck, swollen ankles, and addiction issues. My cholesterol level was high so I took Crestor.

After working with Dr. Lisa, I got feeling back in the back of my neck and I lost 12kg (26.5 lbs) Flying results on the blood test. No more medications are needed. The drops worked. And no more addiction.

Dr. Lisa can help not just with physical issues but also psychological issues. I am thankful for her help. I am now the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life."

- Erik J

"I am a patient of Dr. Lisa Raskin. I have had Parkinson’s for more than 10 years. I have Cervical Dystonia in addition to a variety of unrelated autoimmune diseases. I was in a lot of pain that never seemed to let up. I had Restless Leg Syndrome and my toes were crippling. I had tried muscle relaxers and low-dose pain killers. Also, Acupuncture, Botox, and other treatments. Some of the treatments take the edge off the pain briefly. Until I started being treated by Dr. Raskin, my life was feeling quite dismal. I couldn’t sleep, and was using my cane a lot to avoid falling. I had no energy.

Since starting treatment with Dr. Lisa, there has been a lot of improvement. Without the restless legs, I am getting an average of seven hours of sleep a night. Before I was lucky to get three. My tremors are almost non-existent now.

Although I’m still a work in progress, I feel hope at last. I have less pain. I lost my smell years ago, but recently have been able to smell things I haven’t smelled in years I am now able to walk my little dog. I went dancing with friends. I haven’t danced in years. She treats holistically with baby steps. Also, I have more energy. I’m not sure how Dr. Raskin does what she does. She is incredibly intelligent, well trained and most of all knows one treatment doesn’t fit all. She is always searching for ways to help her patients get better. She’s dedicated to all of her patients. Most of all, she listens. I thank God I found her."

- J W

"Before I started working with Dr Lisa, I was struggling just to see any light. I was in a lot of pain. I could not walk to the mailbox at the end of my road much less work. I didn't sleep much from the pain keeping me awake through most nights. I had been diagnosed in my early teens with ovarian cysts and then endometriosis, and was given treatment after treatment - surgery, drugs, pain medicines.

 After I started seeing Dr Lisa, the pain became less and less. I was seeing, feeling, and present in a way I hadn't before. My strength came back. I felt a little like Wonder Woman some days. It's astonishing what the absence of pain allows you to feel and see again. Dr. Lisa really is a blessing. I half joked with her once saying if I were Catholic, I would call the Pope because she is performing miracles. I can't say enough how grateful I am to have found her."

- Lei

"I was experiencing a lot of fatigue, and had a hard time getting out of bed. I also had digestive issues and insomnia.

After I started the program from Dr. Lisa, I started to have more energy and my digestion improved. Also my hot flashes were gone in two weeks. The insomnia has also improved significantly. I felt normal again.

I like working with Dr. Lisa because she really listens to you and your concerns and she is respectful of your experience. Unlike many doctors who patronize you and tell you your disease doesn’t exist. I feel I am in good hands and that I can turn to her whenever I need advice."

- LH

"Before seeing Dr. Raskin, I had some discomfort post surgery. She put me on an herbal routine and I got results immediately. The discomfort vanished and felt completely normal again.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Raskin to anyone."

- DC

"Just wanted you to know the new formula, Kanchanar, and slight dietary modification really seems to have made a significant difference. I’m sleeping better, so I have more energy during the day, more wakeful programs, leading to more clarity in communication, teaching, work, and more patience. Dare I say, I’ve even had prolonged bouts of contentment. Woo-hoo!"

- Gary G.

"Dr. Lisa Raskin is a Health Care Practitioner, a blessed healer. It is not the many many different degrees and certificates in numerous fields of Health and Healing that makes her special. It is Dr. Lisa's profound gifts of healing and intuitive knowledge of the being in its Wholeness which stems from her spiritual life. Her understanding of the whole being, mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual lends her the clarity to not only know what is needed to create wellness but she carries with her the Divine Grace to create and support Wellness. Lisa lives at a level of Spiritual Awakening that infuses her work with that of Divine Grace. You will receive excellent care be it Ayurveda her specialty or one of the many other healing modalities she works with, Dr. Lisa is extremely talented her scientific mind always working to bring about Wellbeing. Lisa cares deeply for her clients and loves her work, and is constantly growing and becoming an even more profound healer. If you are looking for help with your health Dr. Lisa Raskin is someone with profound training and experience, natural gifts of healing and the presence of Divine Grace."

- Ananda M.

“I’ve been into alternative health as an amateur and professional for 30 years, tried every type of protocol, practice, and nutraceutical out there. It’s been complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. While I have some health issues that should be handled easily, no practitioner, supplement or program got to the root of the problems till Dr. Raskin. I’m now off the myriad of products I used for years, and I’m being guided with a gentle, effective means to improved health. I’m relieved and lucky to have found Dr. Raskin. The more I learn and experience, the more I believe she is the last practitioner I’ll ever need.” 

- Carla R.

"I started with Dr. Raskin about three months ago and I have seen great improvement in my health. I was having trouble with stress. My stress levels were high and they were creating anxiety and frustration in my life which were affecting my day to day activities. I started with the regimen that Dr. Raskin had recommended and within the month, my anxiety had disappeared along with the high levels of frustration that I was feeling. In addition, I had a holistic chiropractic adjustment for terrible neck pain that I had been experiencing. When the adjustment was completed, the pain was gone. I have had many adjustments which have been effective but over time and with some added discomfort but this was not the case with Dr. Raskin’s adjustment. My results have been excellent and I am continuing my regimen to continue to improve my health."

- Lisette F.

"When I came to Dr. Lisa I had been feeling very ill for several months. No one could find what was wrong. I was extremely thin, could not eat much and I felt like a quarter of a person. I started the protocol Dr. Lisa gave me and after several weeks I started to feel better. I am starting to gain weight, my appetite is coming back and I am feeling generally so much better. Dr. Lisa is very compassionate as well as being extremely knowledgeable in her field; when you become her patient her focus on getting you better is unwavering and sincere."

- Pam

"WOW what an empathic exacting healer Dr. Lisa amazes me every time I get treated by her. She uses chiro skills and her SCIO machine on me regularly several times a month and I've seen a huge shift in my health for the better, including better sustained energy, my temperature, and therefore my metabolism has improved, and I'm sleeping better now that all my major hormones systems and brain are talking to each other again like they should. My balance is improved, and now we're working on low back pain that's a chronic aggravating situation. If in doubt, TRUST HER, she's got some kind of magic healing and diagnostic capability."

- Knoel

"Before working with Dr. Lisa I was experiencing muscle pain and weakness from a fall, felt fatigued most of the time and my blood sugar was slightly high. After working with her for less than three months my pain is gone, my energy level is much better and my blood sugar is normalized. Dr. Lisa is a very caring, responsive and knowledgeable Health Provider. She understands and supports my desire to improve my health state with natural means where possible."

- LS

"I have suspected since I was a teenager that something was not right, possibly with my adrenal glands or my thyroid. I am now into my 50's and so happy to have started working with you last year. You did a great job zooming right into the challenges that I have experienced my whole life, particularly related to low energy and weight struggles. I love your approach of using Western diagnostics to confirm what's going on and using the gentle approach of ayurveda for support. In many ways, I feel better than I ever remember feeling. I also appreciate that you offer many suggestions and encourage your patients to focus on the things that feel right. It is really empowering to meet a Dr who sees her patients as their own experts with their own bodies. Through your experienced guidance, I continue to find new ways to improve the quality of my life, my energy levels and just a general overall feeling of well being.  I love that ayurveda seeks to treat the whole person in a unique way tailored to that person's needs.The world could use more of you and those like you."

- Lisa B.

"Night & Day Wow! For 2 weeks I experienced severe pain in my right hip. I applied cold packs, heating pads and took plenty of Tylenol to alleviate the pain, but nothing worked. I decided to search for a "network" chiropractor in the area because my parents have had such great results with their chiropractor in California. Hunched over, I walked into Dr. Raskin's Office one afternoon and after she worked her magic on me, I walked out of there, upright! What a blessing she is. The next day my teenage son wanted to know what happened to me because he could tell I had really "perked up". Now that's a testament!"

- Former Client

"My blood tests showed that my thyroid was low functioning. I heard about Dr. Lisa Raskin and asked her if she would work with me; I had heard that one of her special talents was supporting those with thyroid issues. When she saw my tests she said that she was surprised that I had enough energy to get out of bed and get dressed in the morning. Working with natural herbs and Ayurvedic spices and oils I began to feel my energy and strength return. I no longer fall asleep in my recliner in the afternoon or have trouble getting to sleep at night. And…get this…without even trying, my weight has dropped about 15 pounds. Weight loss was not really a goal…natural energy restoration was…but I’ll take it with gratitude. I feel so-o-o much better, and many people tell me that I couldn’t possibly be 73 years old. YAY!"

- Beverly C.

"I had just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Hashimoto's, that affects the thyroid, and I was unsure about the right course to take. Then, I had a consultation with Dr. Lisa Raskin whose warmth, compassion, and intelligence impressed me, and immediately gave me the confidence to work with her. I feel that she really gets under the skin of the issues I have so that she can support me in a customized way that meets my current needs and evolves, as needed, to address my needs going forward. Her wisdom and natural healing protocol have significantly improved my condition, adding a new layer of well-being every step of the way. And I have had impressive results, even though I am not a “perfect” patient. I feel that I am actually making progress and improving my life! For anyone who is serious about improving their health, I strongly recommend Dr. Lisa and I will continue to do so!"

- KD

"Dr. Lisa Raskin and her vibrational biofeedback technology accomplished something that no other modality has been able to do since 1989. She was able to release the cellular and body memories in my neck and lower back and legs from an accumulation of several accidents and falls since the 80s. Until now I have had chronic pain in those areas. It is a wonderful experience to be free from years of pain that I had thought I would just have to live with. I highly recommend Dr. Raskin and her very effective modalities."

- Cassandra C.

"I was in rather bad shape when I came to Dr. Lisa by recommendation of a friend. I had tried so many different methods to resolve my failing health, to no avail. But, Dr. Lisa's conscientious, measured approach toward helping me out of my rather critical state to one of stabilization has been remarkable. I am delighted with the rapidity of my body's continued response to her gentle, highly informed approach, as I continue to progress toward optimal health. In the past, I was always wary of recommending healthcare professionals to friends, but I have had no hesitation in doing so regarding Dr. Lisa. My friends are also now grateful beneficiaries of her special talents and gifted aptitude."

- Karen L.

"JUST AWESOME!!! I can say that in just over 2 short weeks, I have noticed remarkable changes in my mood and overall well-being! I have been dealing with high levels of anxiety and stress and since Dr. Lisa began treating me, the stress and anxiety have continuously melted away. Dr. Lisa is great and I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone!!"

- CW

"Dr. Lisa Raskin is an amazingly gifted chiropractor and healer; she employs a number of innovative tools to help people release stress and trauma. I highly recommend her services!!"

- Former Client

"Great Experience. Dr. Raskin has been instrumental in helping me get back on track with my health. It's encouraging to know there is someone who is caring and qualified, when searching for a doctor outside the realm of conventional medicine. Following a personalized plan, along with Network Chiropractic Adjustments, has lead me to a more balanced, energized, and empowered state. I always look forward to my visits with Dr. Lisa.”

- J

"My experience with Dr. Lisa Raskin was very satisfying. She is not only compassionate, with a healer's hands and heart, but she is insightful and able to offer the very best Ayurvedic knowledge, Network Chiropractics and so much more."

- Anya

"I really wanted to improve my health and nothing was working.  I did know about Ayurveda and I wanted to experience its benefits. Dr. Raskin has helped me heal so many health issues.

Definitely work with Dr. Raskin!  She is so knowledgeable and very caring and empathetic.  My health has greatly improved from working with her and I plan to continue doing so."

- Jenny

"Before working with Dr. Lisa I was experiencing muscle pain and weakness from a fall, felt fatigued most of the time and my blood sugar was slightly high.

 After working with her for less than three months my pain is gone, my energy level is much better and my blood sugar is normalized.

 Dr. Lisa is a very caring, responsive, and knowledgeable Health Provider. She understands and supports my desire to improve my health state with natural means where possible.  "

- LS Texas

"Running a business, 2 babies under 2 and my passion for sports had drained my energy on many levels. I’ve tried fasting, a high protein diet, etc., and none of these worked to improve my energy level.

After seeing Dr. Lisa, my quality of life has improved. She is a rare doctor that truly cares for her patient’s well-being and works around our lifestyle and beliefs. Her knowledge about health and nature has opened new perspectives and I have ever been connected to my body and started seeing the ripple effect in other areas of my life.

I’m truly lucky to find her and learn from her wealth of knowledge. Truly a gift in life. With immense gratitude and love, thank you Dr. Lisa. "

- IT Melbourne, AU

"Before working with Dr. Raskin, I had done allot of positive work with a functional medicine Dr. My health needed to get even better yet I was sure that that program was at the end of its trail.

I am only just beginning the Ayurveda program in earnest. There are more and more
times now when I am ecstatic - feeling better than I have ever felt and I’m 79. The results of the exquisite high vibrational level of the supplements are blowing me away! I am far, far from doing the diet suggestions perfectly and yet the changes I have made are helping things work better.

I highly recommend working with Dr. Raskin."


"I started my sessions with Dr. Lisa after trying many other modalities and was referred by a friend who had experience with Ayurvedic medicine. My challenges have been in dealing with osteoporosis and being overweight.

Dr. Lisa very gently started me on a detox and over the course of several sessions, built me up to a point where I could start effectively addressing my issues from a more balanced and clear level.

Currently I feel much clearer, lighter and healthier only a few months later! I would recommend Dr. Lisa because of her attention to the patient's concerns and her very sensitive approach to addressing each issue, as well as her rare skills and training in this field. I was surprised again and again at how spot-on she is!"


What makes SOMA Radiant Wellness unique?

We’re more than holistic medicine.

Natural healthcare in the west is still in its infancy. Every year brings a new book about diet or nutrition. Luckily, we offer a tried and true system of healthcare that has been passed on for thousands of years and adjusted over the years to remain current.


There are only a handful of physicians in the United States who practice Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda, and none who do it quite the way we do. We incorporate the best science has to offer including elements of functional medicine, biochemistry, genetics, chiropractic care and kinesiology. We rely on lab testing to monitor and confirm your progress.


You deserve a health partner that will listen and take your sensitivities and holistic health history to heart. Together we will prioritize your own body’s healing abilities that can create lasting, whole body results. If you’re excited and committed to reaching your highest health state, it’s time to experience the time-tested, holistic approach of Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda with Dr. Lisa Raskin.

It’s time to discover youthful vibrancy and radiant health.

Claim the optimal health you deserve. Call Dr. Lisa today.


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