Heart Flutter or Arrythmias?


Anyone experiencing Heart Flutters or Arrythmias lately?

I have. I couldn’t figure it out. I pride myself on getting to the causes of people’s health issues and here I was, STYMIED. Yes, I could make them disappear….I have the tools. (Marma, herbal remedies, and frequency imprints) But what the heck was causing my heart to jump around?

I am embarrassed to say it was right underneath my nose.

Because of a family history of diabetes, I avoid sugar as much as I can. But I love the sweet tastes and I have to admit that sometimes I crave more than fruit.

I know from practicing SVA all about the factors that create blood sugar issues, and I am constantly cleaning my liver and maximizing the function of my pancreas. I don’t HAVE blood sugar issues. But nevertheless, my uncle lost his feet. So, I am not taking any chances.

I digress.

A while ago I heard of a low glycemic sweetener called monkfruit and have been using it. A LOT.

And it wasn’t till a little while ago that I noticed that the brand I was using contained erythritol. I knew alcohol sugars weren’t great for you. They have been shown to cause gut issues. But I wasn’t having those. And yes, I know that the main tenet of my practice is don’t do anything that could cause side effects now or down the road. But what can I say? I am not perfect. I kept using it.

But then I read that erythritol can cause heart issues! BAM!

So, I stopped the monkfruit that contained erythritol. And low and behold the fluttering and crazy heart rhythms stopped completely. It’s been two weeks. Just gone.

So, there you have it.

Here’s the thing. Even if the food agencies actually looked out for the welfare of the people, how could they even keep up with all of the poisons around? So, we have to keep alert and watch for each other.

I am not proud of using this stuff, but I am glad that I was a guinea pig for others. I am one of the canaries and are affected by things sooner than most.

If you are experiencing unexplained heart arrhythmias, check out your ‘food’ and see if you are using erythritol. Try cutting it out for a few days and see what happens. Your heart will thank you.

p.s. Of course there can be many causes for heart arrhythmia. For example, wearing your phone on your body has been proven to cause them. This is just one more thing to add to the list to check out if you are doing some digging….

Question:  What are your thoughts on stevia?

My reply:  OK I am going to use your question to get another point across, but I promise I will answer in the end!

The thing is that sugar substitutes really don’t satisfy what the body wants and needs when it is craving sweets …. we are not giving our body what it is really calling for.

We have to look at why we crave sugar in the first place. Ayurvedically speaking, it means your body is needing more soma, it is craving soma that lunar vibrational NURTURING energy from the moon that brings healing, cooling, calming energy. Makes sense that we especially crave sugar in the summer. There are a lot of foods besides sweet things that will satisfy the craving for soma.

Eating refined sugar creates a sure-fire catch-22! Because it actually DEPRIVES us of soma! It depletes us of minerals and nutrients and causes more acidity and then we crave MORE SOMA! But you already knew that!

I feel that low glycemic sugar substitutes like stevia and monkfruit are way better than refined sugar for the above reasons. But they are still not satisfying the body’s true craving for soma, and I worry that they cause some kind of disconnect between the senses and the body. I don’t have proof here, but it seems to me that the body is expecting SOMA, it is preparing for real nourishment at a deep level as we are about to eat that stevia sweetened snack. But the body is left wanting. AND it doesn’t mean that I don’t’ use stevia. I just worry that it is causing a vibrational imbalance in the long run which can then cause a physical imbalance. I am going to do some research on this.

Aren’t you glad you asked?

Another Question:  I’ve seen a couple of videos on YouTube by well respected doctors who looked deeply into the research amid concerns of the negative side effects of erythritol and found that it was the *excessive use* that caused side effects, something on the order of using FIVE TEASPOONS OR MORE A DAY. I use it in moderation, maybe 1/4 teaspoon, and it is far less hard on my body than sugar — white, brown, cane, turbinado, or otherwise.

My reply:  Here’s the thing.  The liver is an extremely important organ. A very central organ to our health. The liver has to filter EVERYTHING that we take in. And to make matters worse, it only recognizes food and natural substances. When it encounters a man-made chemical like erythritol it heats up. When the liver heats up, that heat can overflow into the blood and the immune system and to make a very long story short this is how many diseases begin.  It sucks, I know. But these studies can’t see the subtle things happening when we ingest these things, the slow heating of the liver, etc. They are looking for gross conditions that occur after ingesting a huge amount. We are trying to head all that off at the pass!

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