We Are More Than Our DNA


Your Genetics are not a life sentence, they are merely a possibility.

Who has sent a saliva sample to 23andme, Ancestry or another lab to have your DNA analyzed?  They can tell you some interesting information about your ancestral origins.  But they can also tell you some things that may be frightening.

What I am about to say is important.

We are more than our DNA.  So much more. (There are some that even say that DNA is not even what we think it is But, that discussion will be for another post.)

There is a wonderful field of study called epigenetics that expounds on this fact.  “Epi” denotes ‘on, above, near’.  Epigenetics is the study of how the EXPRESSION of our genes is influenced by our environment, behavior, and other outside factors.   DNA is just the code, but we often can alter its outcome. This is HUGE.

Here’s the thing.  I am a lab geek.  I love looking at people’s labs.  And I love looking at people’s genetic raw data.  Yes SVA (Shaka Vansya Ayurveda) is the keystone of my practice…. I couldn’t get the results I do without SVA Ayurveda.  But I love labs.

You could say that I love the most ancient truths of healing AND I love to use the most modern exploratory tools as well.  I often examine labs.  Taking a deep dive into a person’s health history, looking at their labs and THEN using very natural and gently powerful means to help them regain their health is very fulfilling for me.

Sometimes miracle-like things can happen.   Like the wonderful lady that had been depressed for quite some time.   Nothing was working very well.   So, I examined her genetic raw data and noticed there were several SNP’s (single nucleotide polymorphisms or genetic variants.) that didn’t allow a specific neurotransmitter to do its job very well.  Then we were able to use an Ayurvedic Herb to ‘fill in the gaps’ and she soon was able to regain her mental peace.

There are so many natural, gentle, non-toxic things that we can do to prevent or turn around those genetic predictors.  They aren’t life sentences.  We have more power than we know.

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