Cleansing the Nadis


Whether we feel it or not, we are almost constantly being negatively affected by EMF’s.  They are invisible and almost impossible to avoid. We are bombarded by EMF’s from our own cell phones, other people’s cell phones, computers, smart meters, and on and on.

Therefore, in addition to using effective EMF protection devices, I also highly recommend products from Chandika  –  products which clean and reestablish the nadis, the channels which carry life energy (prana) to all the organs and systems in the body.

The vibrational channels in the body are called nadis.   These are subtle channels that actually carry the prana, the life force to all of our organs, tissues, and cells. There is a whole system of these vibrational channels in the body, well-mapped out by Ayurvedic Seers of the past.  It has been found that the EMF’s enter via these vibrational channels and go deep into the physiology in a terribly overwhelming manner.

EMFs enter the body through several routes including the mouth, eyes, and nostrils.  Unfortunately, EMFs distort and pollute these vibrational channels.  They ‘hijack’ the vibrational channels and bring those horrible frequencies deep into our body causing many acute and chronic physical conditions.

By using these recommended products, you can regularly open and support your vibrational channels, or nadis, making them more intelligent so that they can get rid of vibrational toxins (EMF’s),  thereby protecting the organs and systems of our bodies.

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