Chandika Vitamin D Rollon

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These days supplementing your Vitamin D is essential. But many people don’t realize that ingesting Vitamin D orally is not the best way to go. It is far superior to get your Vitamin D transdermally (through the skin).

Why? Because everything that you swallow has to be processed by the liver and since most of our livers are quite toxic and under such stress these days, quite frankly Vitamin D does not get transformed into its absorbable usable form.

This is why even though people may eat foods rich in Vitamin D (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc), or take large doses of Vit D supplements orally, and get enough sunlight, their Vitamin D levels may remain low.  

The good news is that this Chandika transdermal formula travels directly into the bloodstream, thereby bypassing the liver. It not only supplies Vit D safely and effectively, but also contains time-tested ayurvedic herbs that help the body metabolize Vitamin D. Based on an ancient formula from Vaidya’s family tradition this transdermal Vitamin D was used to treat severe cases of Vit D deficiency. I use it daily.

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