Tulsi Herbal Nectar Drops

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In these immune-threatened times, our family uses these Tulsi Nectar drops daily to support our immune systems. Tulsi is a very subtle and powerful Ayurvedic herb. It is wonderful for immunity, because it strengthens digestion and kills harmful bacteria. It is also good for the liver, and it helps the mind by nourishing the brain.

In Sanskrit tulsi literally means "beyond compare." It is said to have a divine vibration. This vibration of tulsi must be intact if the body is going to derive its benefits. Tulsi is commonly available in teas and supplements from many sources today, but the purity of tulsi's vibration is not always carefully preserved. Mass production of tulsi products can easily damage the divinity of the herb and therefore its effectiveness.

No chemicals like benzene or hexane should be used to extract the essential oil of tulsi. No preservatives should come in contact with the tulsi. In fact, the tulsi leaves should not be put into any formulation that has chemicals of any kind.

Chandika is very careful to preserve the vibration of tulsi at every step of production. 

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