Tribulus Terrestris Capsules

A great Ayurvedic formula to support the male physiology, including the male hormonal system.

Ayurvedic tradition holds that goksura (ayurvedic term for Tribulus) increases physical and sexual stamina. It is thought to support the intelligence of the urinary bladder and of the whole genitourinary tract.

Individuals prone toward renal stones can be helped by gokshura, so long as their diet is correct (especially avoiding the nightshade family). Ayurvedic texts tell us that gokshura gives strength to the lungs and blood and is helpful in chronic cough and breathing problems. Also, the heart needs gokshura’s ability to prevent harmful toxins residing in the urinary system from traveling back to it and causing cardiac imbalances. Men are more prone to heart disease, so this is yet another reason for them to use gokshura.
This formula contains additional ingredients reputed for supporting the male physiology, such as Shring Bhasma and Yasad Bhasma. 

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