Trenev Trio

$85.00 30 day supply / $140.00 60 day supply / $189.00 90 day supply

The health of our gut is extremely important. Ayurveda says that the gut is the SEAT of the immune system. We recommend a good yogurt/lassi or probiotic daily.   

If you choose a probiotic supplement, It is critical that the cultures be vibrantly alive in order to be effective…. otherwise instead of helping heal the gut they will instead cause more problems. We have found that Protren probiotics are very much alive and extremely effective. So effective, in fact, that they were found to wipe out hospital borne infections.  Yes it is more expensive but I believe well worth it. I often recommend that my patients use this powerful probiotic for 2 months before transitioning only to a cultured food (yogurt) in their diet.


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