Svadanta High Calcium Ayurvedic Toothpaste - Organic Fennel

This toothpaste is perfect for those on a homeopathic regimen, as it contains no mint.

Using only organic and/or wild-crafted herbs and 100% natural preservatives, all of Vaidya Mishra’s oral care products benefit far more than the teeth and gums, as the oral mucosa absorbs the medicinal value of the herbs and delivers them to other organs and systems in a very efficient and powerful way. Beyond supplying calcium, this toothpaste is wonderful to use in the evening as it has quite a calming effect.

The Svadanta oral care line of toothpastes, mouth sprays and nectars is rich in both vibrational and physical Prana, capable of nourishing and healing the oral cavity, and rejuvenating the entire physiology.

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