SVA Magnesium Roll-on

Getting enough magnesium is critical for our health and well-being, but it is very difficult to absorb. It is best not to take magnesium orally, as it goes through the GI tract too quickly, hardly ever absorbing, and can give diarrhea. Transdermal magnesium is the best and this transdermal magnesium is the most pure. 

Every single organ needs magnesium and when you aren’t getting enough, it can cause general malaise. It is an essential nutrient, helping with more than 300 different biochemical reactions in the body.
You need it for muscle function, normal heart rhythm, blood glucose control, nerve function, to transport other minerals throughout the body, and for basic energy needs. It has also been found to reduce heart disease, stroke risk and helps maintain bone density. New studies have recently shown that magnesium even mitigates migraines (people who suffer from migraine commonly have low magnesium levels, especially during an attack.)

This is the magnesium that we use in our home.

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