Stress-Free Oral Mist

I will never forget trying this spray for the first time. It gave the term ‘chilled out’ a whole new meaning!
It works within seconds, supporting the mind to cope with stress. The oral mist contains the “intelligence” of the herbs in homeopathic doses, making the formula even easier to be accepted by a stressed physiology.
It contains:
Ashwagandha: an adaptogenic plant that helps the mind and nervous system settle down and not overreact in response to high stress.
Gotu Kola: supports the mind’s activity by increasing the coordination amongst the 3 aspects of the mind: dhi, (the power of acquiring knowledge) dritti (the power of retaining or storing knowledge), and smriti (the power of recalling knowledge). When dhi-dritti-smritti are functioning optimally, the mind is extremely able to cope with stress.
Bacopa Monnieri: a very cooling herb that has a relaxing effect on the mind and also supports dhi-dritti=smriti
Jatamansi: an ayurvedic herb, similar to Indian Valerian, known for being a great antidote for mental stress.
This quick-acting mist will help you relax, as well as give you a more alert and sharper mind, so you can handle life’s stressors.

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