Soma Nidra Tea For Sleep

Sleep is so incredibly important - deep rest is the best healer. I have found this tea to be the best tea to support a good night’s sleep.  
The herbs in this tea calm the mind and emotions and connect your vibrational body with the flow of soma in nature. Soma is nature’s healing, nurturing, lunar energy which is especially available at night. The herbs in this Soma Nidra tea are chosen for their ability to restore the natural flow of prana in the brain and the whole body.

Some herbs, like chamomile, valerian, jatamansi and poppy seed calm the mind. Other herbs, like peppermint, calamus root, mace and nutmeg open the channels in the brain. The combination of these two approaches allows the vibrational channels to regain their balance and receive the flow of soma that we need for sleep.

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