Maha Marma Oil

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I love using this oil! I find that it definitely clears ‘static’ from the mind. Maha Marma Oil has the ability to clean the most important marma point, the Adipati Marma or Maha Marma. This is where most of the prana actually enters the body. Modern medicine calls this area on top of the head the ‘bregma’. Application of a small drop of this oil brings many benefits even beyond cleaning this marma point. From someone who left a testimonial: "This oil helps my head feel clear and my being grounded."  I have the same experience when using this oil!

Directions: Apply one drop of Maha Marma Oil onto the 3rd finger (next to ring finger), and then touch it gently to the bregma area on top of the head. The correct spot can be located by placing the heel of the hand over the bridge of the nose, fingers pointing upwards. Wherever the 3rd finger lands is the right spot!

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