Maha Boswelia Herbal Nectar Drops

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Boswelia is a wonderful herb for lowering inflammation. It helps arthritis, supports the immune system, heals ulcers and is a wonderful support for the liver. This Herbal Memory Drop form of Boswelia is powerful yet will not cause any side-effects. Just 2-3 drops in a glass of spring water several times a day should give wonderful effect. 

Many studies have linked the regular use of Boswelia to the inhibition of certain inflammatory enzymes in the body that can cause joint pain and headaches.

Other studies have recently shown the beneficial effects that it can have on the immune system. With regular use, it can optimize the immune system to better respond to foreign substances and infectious pathogens. Boswelia has also been shown to strengthen the immune system, making it more resistant to autoimmune diseases.

This higher potency form of Boswelia (Maha) Herbal Memory Drops is now available through the link below. If you would prefer the regular potency form of Boswelia Herbal Memory Drops it can also be found by searching the site here.

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