Ion Biome

We (my husband and myself) started using Ion Biome several years ago to remove and protect our bodies from the ubiquitous and harmful pesticide glyphosate. Yes we eat organic but unfortunately glyphosate can be borne on the wind and appears to show up in organic food as well

ION* Gut Support is a liquid, gut-brain health supplement that goes beyond probiotics, helping to support tight junction integrity and diversify your microbiome. It seals cells in the gut lining, helping to keep toxins out of your body and strengthening the terrain upon which your microbiome can diversify. It is soil derived and U.S. sourced. 

As demonstrated in peer reviewed articles, toxins like glyphosate and gluten can degrade tight junctions in the epithelial layer of the gut lining. ION* Gut Support has been shown to promote the strengthening of this gut barrier, which supplies the first line of defense against everyday exposures to environmental and foodborne toxins. This in turn helps with inflammatory response, enhancing mental clarity, promoting immune function, supporting digestion, and alleviating gluten sensitivity.

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