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This is the best natural anti-viral that I have seen. Patients have experienced viral infections disappear in a matter of days – ones that would previously have lingered for weeks. 

A virus must attach to host cell to initiate infection. Fusion with the host’s cellular membrane follows, allowing the virus to inject their genomes into the host cell. This is what begins the viral infection. The compound Humacel inhibits viral attachment to target host cells by blocking the glycoproteins (the “sticky” binding sites) on virus surfaces. The entire process of attachment to a host cell is halted, thereby arresting viral attachment. Humacel Treatment inhibits viral attachment.

Again cogent research has shown that Humacel can support the immune system and may help stop the replication of viruses, inhibiting viral transmission by helping to block viruses from entering healthy cells. It has been shown that Humacel may support the immune system in working against many types of viruses.

We take a cap or two of Humacel daily as prevention.

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