Flex’N Flow Cream

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I love Flex’N Flow and I am not alone. Many feel that it is a true gift from above, actually FEELING relief every time we apply it while we are using electronic devices or are near sources of EMFs like Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular phones and tablets etc.

By regularly using Flex n Flow, we can open and support our vibrational channels, making them more intelligent so that they can cleanse the body of these vibrational toxins (EMF’s) that cause so many physical problems, both short term and chronic. To me Flex’N Flow is a necessity.

It acts transdermally (via topical absorption) to open and unblock the srotas (physical channels) and the nadis (vibrational channels). This dual action awakens the intelligence of the body’s own healing power!

In addition to unclogging and supporting the flow in the nadis and srotas Flex’N Flow supports and enhances the interaction between the physical and vibrational channels.

This extra action is essential, because nerves and their synapses are the communicating bridge connecting the physical to the vibrational. The intricate communication between the vibrational channels and physical nerves supports the sophisticated network of the reception, delivery, and interaction of all materials in the body.

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