Chyawanprash Herbal Tonic Paste

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Chyawanprash is a great tonic for the lungs - it can address chronic cough and help alleviate breathing trouble. It supports and helps older physiologies, helps reverse aging, as well as nourishing the growth of children and young adults.

There are 3 categories of herbs that make up Chyawanprash: rasayana or rejuvenative herbs, detoxifying and cleansing herbs and immuno-modulatory herbs.  

It begins benefiting the body as soon as it touches the oral mucosa. Once in the stomach, it detoxifies traveling through the gaps of the tissues and nourishing all the aspects of the physiology.  

It increases intelligence, boosts memory, enhances glow and complexion of the skin, keeps the body disease-free, lengthens the life-span, and strengthens all five senses.

The ancient ayurvedic texts say that whoever uses Chyawanprash as a rasayana for the reversal of aging, will get all the benefits of kayakalpa – removal of old age, rejuvenation, reclaiming beauty, strength, youthful skin, etc. 

SO tasty and SO good for you! I can feel my immune system gearing up for protection when I take this formula. 

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